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New Appreciation for My Free Time (Especially on the Weekends)…

September 25, 2011

Now that I’m a slave to this store I work for full-time on weekdays, I really appreciate coming home in the afternoon (when I can; sometimes it’s not until early evening because I have to wait quite awhile some days to get picked up). And I love my weekends again. When I was unemployed, I had free time all the time, everyday. But I was bored because I couldn’t do much beyond my restricted financial means. Now I can finally plan to do things, whether it be on the weekends or just in general.

This morning I was looking at my calendar and making notes for bills & necessities I need to pay for. I was also window shopping on eBay & Amazon (because I can finally buy things I want AND need now; not a lot of things, but some, or I can save up for them). I’ll likely spend the rest of my weekend working on my Squidoo lenses/webpages, doing a little bit of blogging, plenty of sleeping/napping, some cooking & eating, and watching TV shows & YouTube videos online. And I will enjoy all of my weekend, because I can’t do a whole lot of these things during the week.

Now, let’s see if I can learn to manage my free time better. Managing my time in general was always a problem for me (even back in grade school)…

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