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All My Formspring Posts Were Caught Up In Drafts…

September 10, 2011

And here I thought my Formspring stuff wasn’t posting at all, when in fact some of the ones I wanted to post here were just sitting in my Drafts section. GRRRRR! I wouldn’t have quit posting them to here and would have posted more here if I knew they were posting to my Drafts only. (No, I don’t use my Drafts section very often, obviously.)

I’m a bit agitated right now (not to mention, my father is bothering me with this logic bullcrap, but that’s another blog post for another day)…

Well, if you really want to see all the questions I answered & my personal answers, just visit my Cherry Ambition Formspring page. I’ll start posting more of them here now that I know where the heck they are…

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