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My Favorite Nose Ring Photos

September 1, 2011

On my Tumblr blog and Buzznet blog, I have a lot of photos of cute girls with nose rings (& septum rings, too). Why? Well, for starters, I love nose rings and how they look on people. (Although, some people with these piercings look better than others do.) But also, I hope one day to be one of those cute girls with a nose ring. Can’t afford it right now, though.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite nose ring photos that I’ve posted on my other blogs (click on the photos to view their sources):

Redhead with Dark Red Scene Hair and Nose Piercing/Ring

Sierra Kusterbeck with Nose Piercing/Ring, Eyeglasses

Girl With Long Black Hair, Eyeglasses, Septum Piercing

Black Girl With Light Brown Eyes, A Nose Ring, Ear Piercings, Blonde Hair

Blonde (Samii Ryan) & Friend Wearing Nose Rings, White Spiked Headbands

Model Abbey Lee Kershaw with a nose ring hoop piercing

Black and White Picture of Girl with a nose ring hoop piercing

Black and White Photo of Girl With Dark Hair And (Fake) Septum Ring hoop piercing

Closeup Black and White Photo of Girl With A Nose Ring hoop piercing, Monroe & Labret Piercing, Wearing Lipstick, Eyeliner, Long (False) Eyelashes


You can check out other nose ring/septum piercing pictures I like in my Nose Rings Buzznet Photo Gallery, my “Just Nose Rings/Hoops & Septum Rings” Pinterest board, or my nose-piercing-tagged Tumblr posts.

Also, feel free to browse through my newly acquired secondary blog, F*** Yeah Nose Rings.

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