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This Blog Might Get A Lot More Interesting Soon…

August 29, 2011

Not because I have anything new & interesting happening in my life. I don’t. But my Tumblr blog… I might be getting ready to abandon it. I’m thinking I might take all of my published posts & drafts and post them here. I don’t blog enough on here as it is, so that would make this blog better for any of you who reads it.

Why am I thinking about abandoning Tumblr? Let’s just say the way they’re running things over there… they are more about their business/money than they are about what works best for their users. If I tried to explain the whole thing, this would be a long blog post, as you all likely aren’t familiar with all of Tumblr’s failings.

So anyway… I might post/repost/reblog some of that here this week. We’ll see how you like it.

^Thanks for the link! LOL… Since the Tumblr staff do not have an ask box (more proof that they don’t want to hear what anyone has to say, they just want to do whatever they want and expect Tumblr bloggers to like it or leave), you can just abuse the ask box of the Tumblr creator himself, David Karp. Well, at least until he too decides to turn off his ask box. Have fun (for now) kiddies…
Well, I did just post something in Karp’s ask box, and I managed to do it in a respectable manner where I wasn’t cussing every other word (because I want him to respond & I want to see if he has an actual intelligent answer for this). Can’t say that whoever else decides to drop some questions & whatever else in his ask box won’t curse him out, though. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it, either. Maybe if you made your staff turn on their ask box, David, people wouldn’t/won’t harass you on yours. Seriously, the staff on every other website are reachable, but not on Tumblr (typical)… Well, let’s see how this goes…
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