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August 29, 2011


I sent a message to Tumblr Support expressing my disappointment about what they’re doing with Missing E. This is the response I got. 

It doesn’t really seem like Tumblr is still willing to work with Jeremy though…



Oh, hey. Look at this canned response. 


  • bluegypsy
  •  said: Are they not working with him to fit their guidelines? I haven’t been on much but I thought they were working with Jeremy so we could keep using it.

  • thatchicmichelle said: Compromise the stability? What stability? I’m assuming I’ll get the same response.
  • spiralingsideways said: It’s just a canned response. I’m still waiting to see what the send for mine. Probably the same thing.

It’s exactly the same response they gave in this blog entry I reblogged here. More proof that Tumblr doesn’t give a shit about what it’s users actually want, only what they want for their users. This is also why I contacted Karp directly instead of through the Tumblr Support, which clearly will get you NOWHERE.

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