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@Twitter & @Support Concerning Trending Topics- Your Shit is Faulty

August 27, 2011

The trends on the left are today’s current worldwide trends, but they keep defaulting to the ones on the right, which were from a week or so ago. I keep trying to contact support to help or explain why this keeps happening (has been for a week) but they never reply back. So now I’m blogging about it to see if anyone else is having the same issue with their Trending Topics (if you even pay attention to them anymore, because I know a lot of people don’t).

recent Buzznet post about how people are dissappointed with the roster for this year’s MTV VMAs. Now I’m sure plenty will be seated in front of their TVs for the awards show, along with the pre-show festivities. But clearly their are plenty of people who don’t care to watch the show because of how the show is set up year after year, with all the same popular artists getting the same awards year after year. And I agree. Not to mention the fact that it does seem to be the ONLY night of the year that is about the music, which is ironic since it is supposed to be “Music Television”. Now granted, Buzznet does STILL have voting going on for their own VMAs. But if it was entirely up to you to set up the VMAs, who would you have presenting, performing & winning awards? This is what my VMAs would look like: Besides the usual video awards, there would be a few awards for– Best Pop Supergroup of the Year (NKOTBSB would win this, of course) Best Pop Artist from Another Country/Continent (Kerli) Best Perseverance Through A Public Band Breakup (Paramore) Best Living Pop Star With Serious Longevity (Cher- seriously, go read her Wikipedia, she deserves an award for this) Presenters- Backstreet Boys Emma Stone Ryan Gosling Elijah Wood Jake Gyllenhaal Anna Torv & Joshua Jackson (of the show Fringe) The Cast of Community The Cast of The Buried Life YouTube Presenters (KevJumba, Karen Alloy/Spricket24, iJustine, etc) Conan O’Brien Jimmy Fallon Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Gabourey Sidibe Audrey Kitching & Kerli Jac Vanek & Nicole Buckley Performances By– P.O.D. Flyleaf Paramore Alanis Morrissette Foo Fighters Goo Goo Dolls U2 NKOTBSB or Backstreet Boys Kerli Robyn Destiny’s Child reunion (just because I miss that group) Garbage reunion (because I’m tired of waiting for new music) No Doubt reunion (again, I’m tired of waiting for new music, reunite NOW) Adele (keeping her because she can belt like nothing else) Sarah McLachlan The Lonely Island (these would be the guys responsible for bringing you the funny music video digital shorts on SNL) Aaliyah Tribute (it’s been 10 years since her death- see the tribute post on Buzznet here) Amy Winehouse tribute (this is one of only a few performances from tonight’s VMA’s I’ll likely search for tomorrow; say what you will about Amy’s personal life, but her music was amazing, so the tribute is deserved, in my opinion) Also, the show would clearly be 3 hours, like it used to be back in the day. None of this 2-hour shizz like they’ve been doing at MTV the past few years. I won’t lie— I might even edit this between now and the time you read it, as I have a lot more people I’d like to see at my VMAs. This is just a taste. So, who would you have at your VMAs?
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