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Texts Between My Sister in NYC and I About Today’s Earthquake

August 23, 2011

Me: I know you felt that earthquake in NYC. I felt it too…

Sister: What?

Me: Did you feel that or no? I felt it here in Ohio, but it happened in the Virginia area I think. Nope, scratch that, DC.

Sister: Yes, I felt it. Scary.

Me: Indeed. I thought someone was messing around outside the house trying to break in and I went and grabbed a knife. So you’re home today I gather?

Sister: Wow, your gangsta. I thought the idiot neighbors upstairs were being even more like elephants than usual. 

Me: Lol. If (my youngest sister) was home, I would have thought it was her being stupid. But I’m home alone, I’m just tryina protect myself, lol…

P.S. I don’t even live in the ghetto or anywhere near it, lol. It’s a nice neighborhood, really, but we get the occasional stupidity happening here too, so…

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