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This post could benefit from some reblogs, and this webpage needs more visits… ninalee-cherryambition:
This webpage features all kinds of info on Scene culture, for those that are interested. Below is the basic webpage layout:  CONTENTS AT A GLANCE Emo Lenses/Webpages (for those wanting to know the difference between “scene” & “emo”) Scene Kids- Scene Boys & Scene Girls/Queens Audrey Kitching – Her (Old) Apartment, A Hair Salon Visit & A Slideshow Jac Vanek – Slideshow & Interviews More About Scene Kids & Queens – Girls AND Boys Scene Hairstyles Scene Hair Slideshow & Video Tutorial Lenses/Webpages About Scene Hairstyles Scene Style Hair Pieces/Extensions on Amazon Scene Style Hair Pieces/Extensions on eBay More Scene Style Hair Pieces/Extensions on eBay Other Funky Hair Lenses/Webpages Scene Style/Fashion Scene Style – Clothes, Accessories… and Stuffed Animals? Scene Jewelry on eBay Skelanimals Merchandise on eBay Hello Kitty Clothing/Merchandise on eBay My Scene Queen Product Line Other Scene-Related or Scene Style Products on Zazzle My Take on the “Scene” Scene….. Your Thoughts/Take on the “Scene” Scene… 

August 21, 2011

Scene Kids, Scene Queens, Scene Style & Hairstyles Webpage

I’ve blogged about this webpage before, but I didn’t give a detailed look at it like I will below… This webpage focuses on products such as red hair dye, red wigs & extensions, famous people with red hair (and who’s faking it), and more. Below is the webpage layout: CONTENTS AT A GLANCE Red Hair Wigs Red Hair Wigs on Amazon Red Hair Wigs on eBay Red Hair Extensions Red Hair Extensions on Amazon Red Hair Color/Colour or Dye Shades of Red: Red Hair Color / Colour / Dye on Amazon Red Hair Color / Colour / Dye on eBay Punk/Scene Red Hair Red Hair CAN Work on ALL Ethnicities/Nationalities My Favorite Red Hairstyle & Dye Job Shampoos on Amazon for Red Hair Conditioners on Amazon for Red Hair Famous Faker Redheads More Famous Faker Redheads Famous Natural Redheads Famous Redheads Whose Natural Hair Color Is Debatable (Former) Redhead Alison Sudol (A Fine Frenzy): Spring Awakening Video Books on Amazon About Red Hair/Redheads Redhead & Red Hair Websites Debate: Are Redheads Better? Or Do Blondes Have More Fun? The Last of the Redheads Trailer Video And that’s the bulk of the webpage. Will definitely be of help to anyone wanting to dye their hair red, or perhaps just find out more about natural redheads. Whatever it is about red hair that interests you, it’s likely here. (And if it’s not, tell me and I’ll see if I can add it to the webpage.) 
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