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August 17, 2011

Missing e Update/Upgrade, Version 2.0.1


Inline image uploading fixed in Missing e v2.0.1

Yesterday, some Tumblr changes broke part of the Posting Fixes feature that adds a “+ Upload photo” button to all types of posts (not juts text posts) so you can upload images to insert into your post’s body.

I’ve been able to fix this feature in a new release of Missing e!

If you want the new version immediately, DO NOT uninstall and reinstall Missing e, instead, read the instructions on how to update:

How do you update?

Firefox users (IMPORTANT): I am still having trouble with the Mozilla Add-Ons site. Please use this direct link to update:

Download Missing e at

If you enjoy this extension, please consider donating to support future development.

Ugh. I love that he updates Missing e, but I can never just update my version of it. Everytime I do, it only uninstalls Missing e and then freezes my Safari browser, so then I have to close the browser & download Missing e all over again. Granted, it doesn’t take long to do, but I simply cannot update it ONLY. My dumbass laptop won’t let me.

Anyways— new version of Missing e to update to… or download if you haven’t already…

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