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August 14, 2011


Missing e is free for anyone to use. I love the community here on Tumblr and it makes me happy to make your experience better.

I do my best to keep Missing e up-to-date, fresh and exciting. Dealing with some issues that have come up have not been easy, either. However, I’m only one guy. One pretty nifty guy, but one guy nonetheless. You are most welcome to lend your support; I am always happy to hear suggestions and even happier to receive donations

You may ask what are donations used for?

The answer is three-fold:

  1. Missing e’s website hosting costs
  2. Encouraging my wife (who is not a Tumblr user, herself) to believe that Missing e is work worth doing
  3. Keeping me rich in candy and Second Cup hot chocolate

On a serious note, I spend no small amount of my free time developing Missing e. If you aren’t able to donate, I’m always very pleased to get feedback, suggestions and kind words from you guys.

Support Missing e by donating

And I highly suggest to ALL of you that you download this extension, which you can if you have Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Simply click on the link above to do so. It will make your Tumblr experience so much more complete (hence the reason why it is call “Missing e”), not to mention quite pleasant.  Do this and you will love me for it. Or, rather, you’ll love Jeremy Cutler for it. (He’s the creator of Missing e.) You will.
I just published this on my secondary blog. It is all true. GO DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!
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