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Tag Wrap Fix for Safari Browser?

August 9, 2011

That stylish script everyone is passing around won’t work with my Safari browser. Plus, I don’t know how to use or add the script (or any scripts for that matter). I just wanna download something to work with the Missing e that will wrap the tags. Really, I need it. Who can help me with that?

Looks like Tumblr has now added a feature to allow you to see all tags on a dashboard post. Instead of wrapping the tags like in the Missing e Dashboard Fixes feature, you are instead expected to click and drag the tags in order to see the ones that are hidden past the end of a post. Unfortunately, this means that the wrapping done by the Dashboard Fixes feature no longer works correctly. It would be best for Missing e users to disable the “Show all tags for posts in the dashboard” feature for now. Read this post to learn how to access the Missing e settings. If Missing e does ever find its way back, I will apply a fix to force wrapping instead of this, less convenient (in my humble opinion) feature Tumblr has rolled out. Running tally of Missing e features that have found their way into Tumblr’s core: If you notice any other Missing e features being implemented in Tumblr’s core, please let me know. Reblog Tags (from the Better Reblogs feature) Tumblr’s implementation does not preserve the order of tags from the original post Tumblr does not allow opt-out of this feature, nor does it allow users to reblog tags by choice (it is always automatic) Maximum Font Sizes (from the Dashboard Fixes feature) Tumblr’s implementation forces all <big> tags to increase font size more than once (instead of allowing a maximum font size) Show All Tags (from the Dashboard Fixes feature) Tumblr’s implementation does not wrap tags, but requires that you click and drag the tags left and right to see all of them
Honestly, tumblr, you stupid bitch. If you’re going to implement these things, DO THEM RIGHT. Not some half-assed, f**ked-up, inconvenient imitations of these features. Can you not understand the simple, basic concepts that these modifications were for simplicity and ease of use? That means NOT WITH A TON OF EXTRA CLICKING, YOU IGNORANT BUFFOONS. God. What dumbasses. You’re really rivalling Livejournal for being a bunch of stupid dumbf**ks, I swear.
What they said above. So bad, lol… I swear, Tumblr is beginning to go down the same path that MySpace was. But now they’re taking features from someone else without permission. And they aren’t even implemented as nicely. I hope Jeremy Cutler can sue the sh*t out of Tumblr and just take it over himself. It’s clear David Karp doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing…
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