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because god forbid the users of this site have a way to voice their concerns to the developers, or have any sort of interaction with them. I just feel horrible for the Missing E guy who made all these wonderful features for free. Not only did his app get stalled, buy now tumblr is doing shitty versions of his features? They clearly don’t f**king get it. I just want to punch these a**holes in the face.  Plus, seriously, they’re doing the shittiest versions of his features. Scroll tags instead of wrap them? I can’t turn off the “reblog tags” features? I have to hold down extra keys to get the same options in messages the missing e had by default? Jesus C****** tumblr, not only are you thieves you’re BAD thieves. That’s double pathetic. 
What they said. But guess what? (See next post for answer…)

August 9, 2011

Regularly Scheduled Boredom.: I like how the staff page on tumblr doesn’t even have an ask

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