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All the info you need will be at the link. Please note that they’re not showing every single performance at the festival, though. For any Coldplay fans— their set from last night will repeat this evening on Channel 2.

August 6, 2011

Lollapalooza Live on YouTube (Right NOW)

By deciding to ban Missing E, you are going to piss off more of your users then when you were, running around with your heads up your ass, letting your site crash every 20 minutes because of “Tumblr Beasts”. Missing E helps user navigate the shit storm you created of our dashboard. Missing E is half of the reason why I like Tumblr anymore. It is directly because of Jeremy Cutler that I am still a happy user. I will not disable my Missing E add-on for MY firefox browser.
My browser is Safari, actually, but still, ditto what they said…
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