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I’m not deleting missing e. In fact, I’m protesting.

August 5, 2011


Sign this petition to save missing e!

Seriously, though, tumblr needs to hire Jeremy Cutler for creating an amazing addition to their site, not punish him. F*ck.

I know I won’t get suspended for keeping missing e… that’s just a bunch of bullshit. 

Look at that, it’s already starting. 2000+ signatures, too.

Sign the petition, even if you don’t know what Missing e is. It’s better than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, whatever. TRUST ME. It makes Tumblr so wonderful, but the staff is insistent on continuing to do business in their usual shitty way. And so, Tumblr users (at least the 400,000 who downloaded Missing e if not all 23 million of us) need to sign this petition to show Tumblr just how important Missing e is.

EDIT: Please reblog the HELL out of this so others will see it and sign the petition.

By deciding to ban Missing E, you are going to piss off more of your users then when you were, running around with your heads up your ass, letting your site crash every 20 minutes because of “Tumblr Beasts”. Missing E helps user navigate the shit storm you created of our dashboard. Missing E is half of the reason why I like Tumblr anymore. It is directly because of Jeremy Cutler that I am still a happy user. I will not disable my Missing E add-on for MY firefox browser.
My browser is Safari, actually, but still, ditto what they said… →
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