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Curvy Girl in Black & Blue Striped Blazer, Sheer Black Lace Top with Red Bra, & A Matching Black Lace Ruffled Skirt

July 31, 2011


This is me. I recently posted a picture of myself, scantily clad as a zombie. I got over 172 notes on it. Many of them hateful ones, saying I shouldn’t wear certain clothes, that I was fat and obese and would never be attractive. Well you know what? F*** them. I’m sexy as shit, and sexy doesn’t only come in one size.  Love your body!

You can’t please everyone, but if I may say, I think you are STUNNING, and your confidence is just beaming off this photo. WERQ it, gorg!


Way more likes & reblogs now, as you can see. Plus, some rude bitch posted a picture of herself in a similar outfit & then mocked this girl as being the fat version of her. She got majorly mocked in return, and has since changed her blog URL (or maybe she even deleted her blog).

Needless to say, personality & good character will get you a lot farther than looks alone. True beauty is MORE than skin deep…

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