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You have one day – the world isn't going to end, but this ONE day you can do ANYTHING, money, travel, all that not an issue. How would you spend this 24 hours.

June 29, 2011

Wow… I kinda want to know who asked me this! (Edit: I know who sent it— my friend Alison. You can visit her blog here. Thank you hun!)

Ok… I would fly to Florida (or even someplace like Bora Bora or the Maldives). I’d also fly all of my closest friends & maybe family to hang out with me. (You know what? Let’s throw in the Backstreet Boys too. I’m a fan & I’ve always wanted to spend a day with them, just talking & doing whatever.) We’d spend the morning eating a nice big breakfast, which would be cooked for us. (Vegan yummies included!) If we were in Florida, we’d spend part of the afternoon going shopping at the mall. If we were elsewhere, we could buy stuff online & have it shipped to our homes. Then, I’d have us go to the beach and hang out there until the sunset. Half the time we’d hang out on the shore, and the other half of the time we’d be on a large yacht that I would rent. Then, I’d have a fireworks show late in the evening. That’s how I’d spend that 24 hours. Cool experiences with people I love & miss.

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