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How many languages do you speak?

June 10, 2011

Just English, although I CAN sign American Sign Language. But I would like to learn to speak, read & write the following languages:

– Hebrew (a college Hebrew Studies class course sparked my interest in the language)
– Hawaiian (I just want to)
– Dutch (because I have two Dutch friends and I’d love to be able to speak to them in their native language instead of them always speaking English with me)
– Spanish, but fluently (I already know some, but I should & could know it better)
– French (my dad speaks it nearly fluently and tried to teach me when I was younger, but I refused to learn)
– German (my grandfather speaks fluent German, & he had an Austrian daughter- my aunt & my mother’s half-sister- who passed away in July 2010; I think me speaking German would really surprise & please him)

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