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May 26, 2011

The Tree of Life Trailer

NOTE: The trailer above is without words, just background music (much harder to understand/comprehend). Click here to view the trailer with words.


The Tree of Life.

Finally in theatres tonight.  I’ve been waiting for this film for what feels like forever.  

Well, it’s only opening in NYC & LA today. I can’t go see it until at least June 10th where I am. But the film is opening in several different cities across the country each week until it officially opens nationwide July 8th. See when it comes out near you

While I know what this film is about (thanks to this blogger that saw it & completely spilled the beans about the plot & movie details— love ya for that, lol), it seems both philosophical & ethereal, but it also seems like it’s just someone’s backstory blended with a slideshow of nature… I’d like to which of these it is more of.

And yet I’m still FAR more likely to go see this in theatres than I am The Green Lantern or The Hangover 2. I’m kinda tired of seeing the same old movie plots barely tweaked & retooled. This could be a decent alternative to that. Or it could be a lot of film hype/buzz for a film that’s actually not very well-strung together. I really won’t know until I see it…

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