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April 18, 2011

Girl With Long, Wavy Pink Hair Swept To One Side


editors note: I have the other submission you…submitted, but it for some reason won’t post/get out of my messages box.  Thanks for submitting again!

I’ve reblogged this girl at least 3 times now, counting this post…

So, this Monday I will be bleaching and coloring my hair Pillar Box red. As of now, my hair is a VERY faded box dye red, grown in brown, a little bit of pink, and bits of blonde. I intend one bleaching the whole thing blonde and going from there. My tips for bleaching the hair: Don’t wash your hair for at least 2 days prior. The natural oils in your hair will create a defense against the strong chemicals. Don’t use Volume 40 unless you have to, that’s strong shit. NEVER EVER EVER leave bleach on for more than 2 hours, your hair will get over-processed and possibly fall out. NEVER EVER use household bleach. They are not the same thing, I recently found out that some people need to be told this. NEVER apply heat to your hair while bleaching it. My friend did that and his hair is straw. When washing it out, make sure it is all out because it may interfere with the coloring. If you are dying your hair next, don’t use conditioner. You will be tempted to do so, but the conditioner could prevent the color from sticking as nicely. These are some coloring tips: Apply with a tint brush/unused toothbrush, it will give you nice and even results. Use mirrors to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Leave in for AT LEAST an 1.5 hours. I know the Manic Panic directions say 15-30 mins, they’re bullshitting you. It will not last very long at all. Since Manic Panic is conditioner based, it will not harm your hair. Some Dyehards leave it in overnight and get amazing results. Apply heat to the shower cap or plastic cover over your head, it will open up the hair shaft and make it REALLY porous. When you rinse, rinse it with cold water. I was washing the Manic Panic jar when I used up all the dye and when I used cold water, it would not leave. However, when I switched it to hot water, it disappeared. Before and after rinsing, mix white vinegar and water. It will raise the pH balance in the hair. It’s recommended that you condition, some people consider Manic Panic a conditioning treatment. Oh & don’t use any heat tools, give your hair a rest. 
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