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April 11, 2011

Daria TV Series Background Music— Different on DVD


Insert found flopping around inside the Daria DVD collection.  Seriously, MTV… between the licensing issues for this and The State, it makes me wonder if you ever heard of these things they had back then… I think they were called video tapes.  

Just tell us how much more it would have cost to get the right music in it.  Or put out a ‘compilation cd’ so we can buy the original soundtrack separately and do that pink floyd/wizard of oz thing with it.  

Just do that and you won’t seem as obtuse.  Well, maybe.

I agree. See, this is exactly why people will still just download it from wherever & watch it online… what’s left there, anyways.

And it’s MTV— they can afford to do other crap/nonsense like giving each member of the Jersey Shore cast six figures per episode, but not this? They’re just being cheap in my opinion…

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