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April 9, 2011

Vegan Pizza With Prego Sauce (Traditional Flavor), Daiya Shredded Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions, Artichokes & Yves Veggie Cuisine Meatless Pepperoni

So… I made this the other day. It looks great. It tastes ok. My parents liked it too, but I do think I could have done it better.

Found out that I don’t like that fake pepperoni, not to mention they came out crusty after I took the pizza out of the oven— UGH. (Also, if you click on the pepperoni link, you’ll see the allergy warning that says it was “manufactured in a facility that uses egg ingredients”; I think they changed the way they manufacture/produce the pepperoni, because it didn’t say that on my package, but anyways…) So I took all of them off the pizza & gave them to my vegetarian mom, who loved them, lol. I also found out I’m not big into artichokes, so I probably should have used less of those. I also cooked all the veggies before putting them on the pizza, but I think I used a little too much oil. Plus, the mushrooms were canned & not fresh. Fresh mushrooms are sooo much better, but the ones I had spoiled, so I just used canned.

What I did do right- no more round shaped pizza until I live alone. It’s just easier to cut square-shaped leftover pieces of pizza to fit in the containers we have at home, and those containers are more ideal for the fridge where space is concerned. (Something I have to consider when I still live with 3 other people.) Also, I used a lot less sauce than I have in the past, and it tasted better to me that way. So I’m definitely going to continue using less sauce. And of course, I always make the crust myself. I hated the store-bought pizza crusts I’ve had in the past. Just… no.

So the next time I make pizza— whenever that is— I’ll know what to do better next time.

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