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March 11, 2011



It’s times like these I wish there were better phrases than ‘every penny counts’ to convey how dire the situation is— but even if it’s just a dollar, send it. Whatever you can do. This is our duty, not as Americans or Canadians or Brits, but as members of the human race.

While NATO twiddles it’s thumbs about what to do in Libya, as they “monitor” the situation— thousands of people are dying. My own people are dying. Everyday, my family’s life is at risk, and thousands of other families too, and they might find themselves on the hospital bed of a hospital that’s run out of the basic supplies the doctors needs to save their life. Please help. I don’t know how else I can ask. 

The need is urgent. Here’s how you can help:

1.  Donate today!

2.  Attend a fundraising dinner near you.

3.  Spread the word about Islamic Relief’s response through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Latest Update from Libya (March 10, 11:55 a.m. Eastern Time) 

Violence continues to erupt across Libya, endangering thousands of innocent people. More than 212,000 civilians have fled the violence in Libya so far (Source: UNHCR), crossing into Tunisia and Egypt.

Islamic Relief is managing a UNHCR camp housing 15,000 refugees. Islamic Relief is in charge of managing the flow of refugees from the border, organizing and pitching tents, providing food, water and sanitation facilities.

Three U.S. officials visited the camp and had high praise for Islamic Relief’s work: read more. To find out more info directly from the field: read the latest blog entry by IR USA staff member Seyed Mowlana.

The situation is worsening every day for the civilians of Libya. Some estimate that up to 6,000 people are dead and thousands more are injured. Food and medicine supplies are dwindling with no replenishment in sight due to cut-off supply routes. Islamic Relief USA has declared a state of emergency and launched a fundraising appeal for Libya.

The most immediate needs are food, water, shelter, medicine and sanitation facilities.

Islamic Relief is currently assisting refugees on the Libyan borders in Egypt and Tunisia. So far, Islamic Relief has:

  • Distributed food packs and water bottles to more than 40,000 refugees

  • Distributed 10,000 hygiene kits

  • Provided warm clothing and blankets to refugees

  • Helped administer medical care to the injured and sick

  • Organized transitional camp to give hundreds of travelers a dry and warm place to rest

  • Constructed communal toilets for the refugees

  • Assisted in the repatriation of refugees

Your support is needed to help reach those in need.

Act now to save lives. Donate today.

Yes, everyone is talking about Japan right now after today’s events, which were devastating. So am I. But unlike most people & the media, I haven’t forgotten about Libya. You shouldn’t either.

It’s a shame that he’s been gaining popularity with his book “Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Spreading Social Change.” He’s a great manipulator (no wonder, it’s his topic of choice) and one of his accusers is a friend of mine. He threatened to hurt her cats if she left him. He doesn’t care about animals, he cares about his own ego. Please, please, please spread the word and do NOT support him by attending events he’ll be at, buying his book, etc. PLEASE reblog. 
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