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March 5, 2011

Go Away Charlie Sheen…

f***yeah-y-u-no-guy: =)

This. Not enough media covering what’s happening in Libya, but instead I have to see this crazy dumbass EVERYWHERE

Speaking of which, I will stop blogging about him now & won’t blog about him again until he dies… which shouldn’t be too far off at the rate he’s going, I hope.

Haha read this, its vanity fair and its hilarious.
Let me just make this clear- not only do I not care for Charlie Sheen, but I also don’t care for all this media attention he’s been getting. However, this link/article makes a very good point, even if it is in humor, because there’s some truth to it. Frankly, neither of these men should be giving interviews either, imo. It just feeds their madness…
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