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This is actually a great site to post your bucket list on. As good as Squidoo? Probably not, but still good nonetheless. (I just joined today and added just a few things from my own bucket list.) You can also look at other people’s bucket lists, as well as see what they have & haven’t completed and why they want to complete certain items. Also, if they have managed to complete something, there might be a story about how they went about doing it. They (& you as well) can add photos & videos to go along with the story.

January 23, 2011

herp derp, am i right?
ugh what a d***
Oh wtf LOLOL. I was on my facebook and saw my picture then i signed out and the facebook homepage, I GOT JUKED! LOL
Ok, I have Firefox open, & right now I can see what the web address is before I even open it. I’ll just give it away… somehow you click it & it goes to YOUR Facebook page, but only if you are logged in. Like it already knows your page. I don’t know how it does it… but it does, lol. And I guess even if it has your Facebook profile address in there when you reblog it, it replaces it with the next person’s Facebook profile address? I can’t figure out how it’s doing this… lol… let me know what you see when you click.
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