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January 2, 2011

Redhead With Monroe Piercing Wearing a Baby Blue T-Shirt

LOVE how she looks in this photo. Also, if you want to see more cool pics of redhead, you should visit my Red Hair & Redheads webpage, which includes tips on how to dye your hair red, wigs, which shade and/or color red will look best on you, famous redheads, and links to other pages about red hair & redheads. So go check that out…

(EDIT: Yes, this was posted before, but I didn’t where I had it so I moved it here. I know, I’m weird, but I like to post things in a certain order…)

January 1, 2011I ended up not having strawberries.This was my breakfast lunch and dinner: not much of a meal…but I need to go shopping for some real food… Does anyone have any suggestions for some good vegan recipes? Or store brought vegan foods? T^TI need all the help I can get…
If their ask box was turned on, I could help them… I assume it’s not on because I don’t see a link to it anywhere on their blog, so… oh well. Hopefully they see this & turn their ask box on…
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