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October 13, 2010

Dream / Lady Phoenix Reality Show

So, if you’ve been wondering what ever happened to the girl’s from Dream, you should check out this video. It’s the reel of clips they used to pitch a reality show to some execs. And there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than anyone knew about (even the current Lady Phoenix fans).

To give you a quick overview, Dream- the band mentored by P. Diddy- consisted of Holly Blake-Arnstein, Ashley Poole, Diana Ortiz, and Melissa Schuman. Schuman left the band to pursue a solo music career & an acting career, so she was replaced by Kasey Sheridan. The band had 2 CDs- It Was All A Dream and Reality. The first CD hit big and put them on the map. They were all over MTV & several pop magazines. It also didn’t hurt that Diddy took them under his wing.

And then, for whatever reasons- the band fizzled. The second album was never officially released. According to Dream’s Wikipedia page, the album was available in France, but nowhere else. In addition to that, the girls felt felt forced to present a sexier, more mature image- one that they were uncomfortable with. Dream was eventually dropped from Bad Boy Records.

Since then, Holly has joined another band, and Melissa, Ashley & Diana got back together in a band they called Lady Phoenix. They been recording songs and shopping them around to record labels. Ashley got married, and Melissa got married and had a baby boy. And… well, the rest you can find out by watching this video and/or subscribing to their YouTube channel, LadyPhoenixMusic.

Oh yeah- reblog this if you really liked the band & like the idea for a reality show. You know how powerful internet buzz can be… and I’m rooting for them.

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