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Pics from Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, & Raquel Reed’s Homes

May 28, 2014

Originally posted on my Tumblr blog

These are the kinds of home decor & interior design photos that inspire me. These are the types of design that I can look over, envy and then use for future reference.

The first two photos are from Audrey Kitching’s first apartment. The middle photo is from Hanna Beth’s bedroom, and the last two photos are from Raquel Reed’s home.

Audrey Kitching in her kitchen with pink walls and blue curtains

Audrey Kitching's pink and baby blue striped bedroom wall with some framed pictures, a picture_memory board, and a place to hang her clothes

Hanna Beth's Bedroom - Bed & Walls


Raquel Reed's Home - Her front door area, living room & steps

Raquel Reed's house - different room with a hot-pink framed Marilyn Monroe picture

Life In 20 Questions Tag

May 20, 2014

Another tag post that I’ve stolen from my Dutch friend Maaike, who posted her own here. Thank you Maaike! 😉

1. Favorite color?

White, because if an object is white, it’s like a blank canvas I can look at and easily do whatever I want with. It won’t stay white. 🙂

2. Favorite number?

I don’t have one really. I mean, unless you mean my phone number, lol. I know that’s weird, but I love the digits and arrangement of digits in my phone number. Yep, that’s a weird thing to say, so let’s move on…

3. Dream career?

I’m not entirely sure yet, but I know it would involve being my own boss for a living. Right now, YouTube is one realisitic option to help me at least begin trying do that, but I can’t yet make the type of videos I would like to make and didn’t really like the ones I did manage to make (which is why I stopped making them).

4. Where do you see yourself living when you’re on your own?

Living alone in an apartment or house– either not too far from where I live now or in Florida– that I can decorate however I want. 

5. Favorite way to travel?

I haven’t done it in forever (currently going on 6 years), but by plane. I’m discovering how much I actually dislike driving. Plus, I hate long car rides. I haven’t been on a train or a cruise ship though, so perhaps I might like one of those better than the plane?

6. What do you do in your free time?

Blog (duh), listen to music, cook/bake, read online articles and required stuff for school (my Master’s degree that I’m currently pursuing), watch TV shows and movies I own, shop online and sleep mostly.

7. Favorite clothing stores

eBay, Victoria’s Secret,, Delia*s, and any website that lets me design apparel myself (,, and are a few examples).

8. Who would you like to see in concert?

Paramore (it’s been 4 years since I last saw them since they haven’t come back to where I am), Kerli, Lorde, U2, & Backstreet Boys (it’s been 3 years; same reason as with Paramore).

9. Favorite tea blend?

I don’t know yet. I have tea sitting in my room, but I haven’t had more than one pouch. I’m trying to start drinking tea regularly because I keep hearing certain teas have health benefits. It has to be decaffeinated tea for me, though. I don’t do caffeine.

10. Do you collect anything?

Yep. Magnets (which are displayed on a file cabinet in my room right now, but that I hope to have on a nice retro fridge in my future home), mugs (which I’m saving for my future home, so I don’t use any of them currently), shoes, books, fashion catalogs, and that’s currently it. I used to collect magazines, but then I would never throw the magazines out, so I stopped getting subscriptions for a few years. Everything is online now anyways.

11. I can’t sleep without…?

An ice pack for my eyes (they get irritated easily) and my laptop (when I’m home; I fall asleep to certain songs or relaxation audios/videos I play on it).

12. If you were given 1 million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it?

Tax-free? If I’m only spending it on myself, I’d pay off all my student loan debt, buy myself at least 2 cars, and buy a house in Florida.

13. Favorite make-up brand?

Bare Minerals. Their makeup isn’t loaded with ingredients (something to worry about with most makeup here in the United States), but it still makes me look naturally gorgeous. I have their powder foundation, foundation brushes and makeup remover. I want to buy their blush, eyshadow, eyeliner, and their new liquid foundation. I’ll be looking for some other makeup products to use as well (probably some vegan options).

14. Favorite treat to eat?

Strawberry sorbet pops, or vegan homemade ice cream.

15. What is your favorite season?

Despite the heat, summer.

16. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?

Closed and locked. And I check the doors throughout the night. I’ll lock and recheck my bedroom door if I get up to use the restroom or grab water or a new ice pack from the kitchen. I’ll also check our front door, because I live with someone that likes to go out in the the middle of the night and get things from his car… or put things in the car. I don’t want the front door left unlocked so some criminal can come in and do whatever they want.

17. Why did you start blogging?

Because I wanted to promote my Squidoo webpages & my Zazzle webstore. So basically, money. I’ve been lazy about promoting any of that, so I need to start doing that again. But I do still blog about other things.

18. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

Yes, but only one. It’s a subscription to Dr. Oz’s new magazine, The Good Life. It only comes out 6 times a year right now. I used to have subscriptions to a whole bunch of fashion magazines, as well as Rolling Stone.

19. What were you doing at 12AM last night?

I was either asleep or trying to watch The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. I know I fell asleep before I could finish the show, but I don’t remember exactly what time it was when I finally dozed off.

20. Favorite perfume

I don’t have one. I just wear whatever cheap vanilla or strawberry scented sprays I can find. I don’t have a nose discerning enough to pick out the right perfume for myself, so I just don’t wear it. 

Feel free to take over this tag if you’d like to do it!

Liebster Award Nomination

April 26, 2014

My friend Alison nominated me for a Liebster Award a few weeks ago, and I really had no clue what it was for until I thread through her post about it. It’s simply an award given out to smaller blogs  (with fewer than 200 – 500 followers). Since it’s tagged as such, it helps us smaller blogs get a bit more exposure. So, thank you to Alison for nominating my blog! 🙂

So the rules I’m following are:

  • Make a post about the Liebster Award & thank the blogger who nominated you
  • State 11 interesting facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate 5 – 11 new bloggers with 500 followers or less (make sure you tell them they’re nominated!)
  • Write 11 new questions for your nominees

Alright, so 11 interesting facts about me:

  1. I cannot stand carbonated drinks (except for water). I’ve hated them since I was a toddler.
  2. Based on my family tree, there is a high probability that I am probably a 5th cousin of the late Olympic Track & Field star Jesse Owens, who went to the same college/university that I did– Ohio State University. (My family will be getting DNA testing done to confirm this.)
  3. According to, I’m related to chorerographer Fatima Robinson, who choreographed music videos for the Black Eyed Peas, the Backstreet Boys (“As Long As You Love Me” & “(Everybody) Backstreet’s Back”), and the late Aaliyah.
  4. My mother, both my sisters and I all have a mole on the upper right side of our chest. We cannot explain why that is to this day. It’s weird.
  5. As a toddler, I once drew in crayon all over my parents’ wooden coffee table. My parents still have that same coffee table. They managed to get most of the crayon off, but chose to leave some of my crayon marks on the underside of the table since no one could see it except other kids (and they wouldn’t care). Those crayon marks are still there, and my parents say now that they’re happy they left it there (I guess as a memory of my art? Haha).
  6. When I was about 5, my sister (the older of my two younger sisters) and I locked my mother out of our home for about 5-10 minutes. We had been outside playing, then we came inside, and my mom went back outside to clean up, and we just decided it would be funny to lock her out, lol. I vaguely remember her yelling at us through the clear sliding door to let her back in, and we just looked at her and laughed for a while. We eventually let her back in, of course.
  7. I’ve only ever been out of the country twice. Once to Canada as a toddler, and once to Bermuda in my mid-20s. Both times I visited the same set of godparents. Both times I had medical issues. I got sick through either an allergic reaction or an asthma attack in Canada, which resulted in me being hospitalized. In Bermuda, I foolishly picked up a Portuguese Man O’ War with my bare left hand. Had to wait 15-20 minutes for medical assistance to arrive, which basically only involved scrubbing down and cleaning up my hand, then putting some sort of ointment on it. I was ok for the rest of the trip until I got on the plane to go home a week later, and my hand broke out in a rash. I treated it with hydrocortisone cream. (P.S.– The Portuguese Man O’ War is supposedly the 3rd deadliest jellyfish on the planet. So yeah, I survived that shit.)
  8. As a child, I spent 2-3 days in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) after a bad asthma attack. They almost did a tracheotomy on me, which would have involved cutting a hole in my throat and putting a breathing tube down it. My dad fought the doctor and told him and his staff that should be a last resort. I obviously got better, but according to my parents and grandparents, this was one of my close calls.
  9. Speaking of asthma and allergic reactions, I’ve had asthma, food allergies, and numerous other allergies to animals and nature since I was 8 months old. I haven’t been hospitalized for either since I was a pre-teen, which is good. I still have mild allergic reactions, but I know how to handle them now (and I should at my age).
  10. My food allergies have rendered me vegetarian. In fact, the only animal by-products I don’t have an allergy to are honey and gelatin. So I currently have a vegan diet.
  11. In America, most people get their driver’s license at 16 years old. I waited until my late 20s to get my driver’s license. I think I had a slight driving phobia that kept me from doing it. That, plus I figured I’d be driving one of the semi-crappy cars we have, which is exactly what happened when I did finally get my license. (Yes, I have a car to drive, but my car is HORRIBLE. You try driving a black car all summer when it has aboslutely NO AIR CONDITIONING.)


Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog for monetary reasons, to be honest. Plenty of people start blogs for fun, but for me, I needed money. I started this blog (and a few others on other website domains) to promote my Squidoo websites and my Zazzle webstore. I still keep the blog for monetary reasons, but now I maintain the blog for fun as well.


What’s your biggest regret?

I don’t really have just one. I regret not going on my high school senior class trip to Hawaii. I regret geting my driver’s license so late in my 20s. I regret certain job interviews. I would say the biggest regret I have is not living away from my parents during college, but I don’t know that living with other students would have been any better. There probably would have been lots of drama and drunken nights, so I doubt I missed out on much with my college peers. I never wanted to live that kind of college life.


Favourite Author?

Anne Frank. But I’m getting older and I’m wondering if I should find a new favorite author.


What would be the title of your autobiography?

Get back to me on that one. I have too many names/ideas to choose from.


You have three wishes, but you can’t use them for yourself or for your personal gain. What do you wish for?

I would wish for no more sexual assault/rape/molestation, the end of poverty, and, of course, world peace.


Who inspires you?

Super-creative people like Audrey Kitching, Kerli, Charlavail. I’m naturally creative, so I gravitate towards other people with creative abilities.


What piece of technology couldn’t you get by without?

Most definitely would be my laptop. It’s my lifeline, to be honest.


What book are you reading right now?

School books. I have books I have to read as part of my studies for my Internet marketing Master’s degree. Otherwise, I don’t read books outside of school.


What was your favourite TV show/cartoon as a child?

I didn’t have any one favorite cartoon. I would just watch whatever cartoons were on in the afternoon after school, as well as evening cartoons. Ducktales, Talespin, Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Rocky & Bullwinkle, and Looney Tunes. I wasn’t a picky child when it came to cartoons.


Favourite quote?

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” It’s a quote by George Bernard Shaw that I first saw on merchandise in a Barnes & Noble bookstore. I relate to it very strongly. I love creating things anyway, and the idea that I can create myself, as well as the life that I wanted, is a very positive and exciting one to me. Another way to look at this quote is that instead of figuring out what you’re supposed to do in life (based on your parents’ or guardians’ wishes, the religion you were raised in, or society’s standards), figure out what you want to do.

Something else to note: I want that quote tattooed on my arm at some point this year if possible.


Where do you hope your life is at in a years time?

I hope I have a good job (both in pay and in work), and that I’m living on my own in a nice, personally decorated and furnished apartment, and that I have a decent car (better than the one I have now, which has no air [as I mentioned before], no radio, and tires that are horrible for wet roads). And I’d like to have at least 1 or 2 dogs as well.


So now, I will nominate:

  1.  In all honesty, I have yet to figure this out. I will eventually pick 5 other blogs (possibly my own followers on Tumblr) and list their blogs and their names here in the near (or distant) future.

And these will be the new set of questions for the future nominees: 

  1. How long have you been blogging for?
  2. What is your favorite game to play?
  3. Who is your favorite singer/band/musician?
  4. What is (or was) your favorite TV show to watch?
  5. What is your favorite movie or film?
  6. What is your favorite food or favorite type of food?
  7. What are your pet peeves?
  8. What one thing have you always wanted to do, yet you never seem to have the time/money/other resources/guts to do it?
  9. What is your favorite thing to do during your free time?
  10. Have you ever failed miserably at something?
  11. Have you ever excelled greatly at something?

Spring Has Sprung Tag

April 20, 2014

What are some spring trends you’re looking forward to the most?
Wearing less layers, lol.

What’s your favorite spring clothing piece?
Shorts & sneakers. I don’t have enough of either. I bought several pairs of shorts last year, but my butt must have gotten bigger or something, because they’re a bit too short to wear out now. I need to get some new pairs. As for sneakers, I bought two pairs of leopard print Vans sneakers (Hi-top and Lo) to wear since I had to get rid of a pair of black and white KVD Checkerboard sneakers that were falling apart. (I’m still trying to find a way to replace those.)

What do you do during your spring break?
Spring break hasn’t happened yet, but is approaching for me. I’ll probably use that time to do some spring cleaning and tidy up my room. I’ll also update some of my websites, do more blogging, and watch some TV and movies I otherwise wouldn’t have time to watch.

Is it warm or cold during spring where u live?
Both. This month, we had a sunny, 70-degree (fahrenheit) day that was followed by a day with snow. Mother Nature has mood swings here. It brings about a lot of thunderstorms and tornadic weather during Spring (as well as Fall). That’s why I don’t officially consider it spring until May, when I know that the snow is gone for good (for the season, anyway).

What’s your favorite spring lip color?
Clear– the same color I use year-round, lol. It’s either petroleum jelly/Vaseline on my lips or it’s clear gloss.

Favorite spring nail polish color?
I don’t even have a favorite color. I’m mostly just happy that I can wear it on my toes and have it be warm enough that I can wear flip-flops/sandals to show my toes off!

Favorite spring color?
I like pastels and more vibrant colors overall, but my favorite spring color will always be a leafy green. I get excited when plants start growing.

Favorite Starbucks drink during spring?
I can’t do Starbucks! I think I have a coffee allergy, though I can’t be sure. At any rate, I’m not eager to find out. I prefer homemade vegan protein milkshakes.

Do you add color to your makeup for spring?
Nope, lol. In case you hadn’t noticed, I have very basic makeup skills. I’m a bit afraid of color. Only when I go to stores like Sephora or Bare Essentials do I feel comfortable trying out colors, as I know there are people there who know what might work best for my skin.

What are you most excited about for spring 2014?!
This upcoming break, the weather being warmer, blue skies and greenery. This winter was the WORST.

Go check out my friend Maaike’s Spring Has Sprung Tag blog post, which inspired my post here. And feel free to take these questions and answer them in your own blog post. 🙂

DIY / Design-It-Yourself Fashion / Shopping – Websites to Visit (Previously on Squidoo)

February 24, 2014

Why I Love DIY (Design-It-Yourself) Fashion / Shopping and Why You Might Also

In recent years I have discovered more and more websites that allow consumers to design their own clothing and accessories, as well as other items. As someone who likes to create things and loves fashion, I get a special kick out of this. I find that as I get older, I desire more and more to be able to use products and wear clothing and accessories that are uniquely me, that no one else has but that many will want. I want to be more of a trendsetter rather than a trend follower.

And really, I think everyone should own a few items of clothing and accessories (and anything else) that they designed themselves. It allows you to design something specific to your liking. In other words, you create your OWN brand of cool, and you’re not just wearing or using what someone else decided is in at the moment. Everyone has different tastes that they should be allowed to explore and enjoy.

The DIY items I’m featuring on this lens aren’t handmade from scratch, which is what most of the DIY category lenses feature here on Squidoo– the Do-It-Yourself items. I have nothing against that type of DIY. In fact, I’m a tad envious of those who can create something cute and fashionable with their very own hands. But the DIY items I’m discussing here are Design-It-Yourself, where the website stores allow you to either use the designs and/or text they have available, or they allow you to upload your own designs and/or text before you buy the product from their store. (Therefore, this lens is– or will be– in the shopping category and not DIY.) In this lens, I’m going to feature what I think are the best DIY websites, starting with what might be the lesser known DIY online stores to Squids, and ending with the familiar ones. I’ll also note now that all these stores have pre-made products you can buy if you really don’t want to design anything. But at the very least, looking through the products might give you an idea and get your creative juices flowing.

So, lets move on… initially started out as an online store that only sold hoodies, but allowed the customer to put whatever design wherever they wanted on their hoodies. The store has now expanded to include t-shirts, tanks, sweatpants, shorts, underwear & bras, as well as bags, hats, and so on. The products are available for both men and women, as well as children and infants…and even for your dog! There are several fonts available for creating text, and the graphics available are numerous, including everything from crowns and hearts to animals, skulls, religious symbols, celebs, political figures, musical instruments, famous landmarks & buildings, contenants (as in Australia and Africa, NOT consonants- that’s what the text is for), and more. A LOT to choose from!

On some of their products, they’ve made it so you can see what the product will look like as your designing it. this makes it easier to design your shirt exactly the way you want it, because you can see the adjustments you’re making.

I would use a few pictures from the website to show you some of what is available, but I don’t have permission for that. So you’ll have to go to the website to see their apparel. But I do have the pictures of the hoodie and t-shirt I bought from them. The first pic is the front of the t-shirt I made, and the second picture is the back of it. The same goes for the zip-up hoodie seen here and below.



I happen to love the way this site allows the consumer to make their text or design any size they want, as well as allowing that text or design to be placed not just on the front and back of a hoodie, for example. You can have it on the hood, on the shoulder of the hoodie, or, if there is a particular way you want your design or text laid out, you can simply write them a message explaining in detail EXACTLY how it is you want the design/text to be printed, and they will do it that way (for a little extra money, of course). Plus, if they mess it up, you can send it back (without having to pay more than shipping and handling, IF that) and they will send you the corrected version.

The company’s mission page on is in agreement with my view about DIY fashion, and fashion in general: “Our clothes say a great deal about us. They are not only to protect our body from the elements, but also a sign of our personality and part of our body language. Our clothes help us to make a statement about ourselves.” backs that statement up in ten-fold. They offer products for men, women, children and pets, with product choices similar to the ones available at, but thousands more choices in graphics/designs.

For example, the picture above shows another Cherry Bomb t-shirt I made using their version of a viewable designer, which is available for ALL of their products, unlike with I had over 400 choices to pick from when I did a design search on the word “bomb”. So when I say they have thousands of choices in graphics/designs, I’m not kidding.

Another great feature they have is that anyone can sign up for their own store and sell products they’ve created if they so choose. (Yep- so now it’s only a matter of time before Squidoo has a module.) You can search the extensive list of the Spreadshirt t-shirt shops available– in English– at their T-shirt Shop Directory page.

Something else that I haven’t seen at any of the other online store I’ve listed on this lens- has a page with a list of 10 major partner shops such as CNN Shirt (you can buy a t-shirt with a headline on it), Chuck Norris Facts (you know those silly Chuck Norris sayings), and SnorgTees (according to their little blurb, they specialize in “pop-culture inspired, random and all around funny t-shirt designs”). But these 10 stores are just part of the more than 400,000 Spreadshirt partner shops worldwide. Needless to say, their business is growing.

Other things to note: they have their own Twitter page, their own blog, and a forum for all their members. is a lot like in that it sells shirts, but sells a much wider variety of shirts (t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, business shirts, maternity shirts, etc.). They also sell organic cotton tees, undies, boxers, shorts, pajama pants, sweatpants, baby onesies & dog tees. Instead of showing a base price for each item of clothing, the products are given a price tier star rating, which is supposed to give customers an idea of how expensive the item will be after customization. Products also have fabric weight rankings (sheer, lightweight, traditional & heavyweight), which describes the weight and thickness of the fabric each particular product is made of.

When it comes to designs, allows customers to customize their products with provided designs, as well as allowing customers to upload their own designs as well, which allows for a lot more variety & personalization. Just like, has a visual design studio that allows customers to see what the edited designs will look like on their product before they buy it. Pre-made/pre-designed shirts are also available (see UberPrint’s “Site Map” for details).

I designed and bought a t-shirt (seen here) from UberPrints after looking around the website. Not to knock the other webstores on this lens that sell clothing, but UberPrint definitely has quality clothing made from quality fabrics, and definitely has more choices when it comes to shirts.

Currently, it does seem that they only ship within the U.S. and nowhere else. And there’s no indication that this will change in the near future.

DIY Design It Yourself Red Shoes SneakersConverse, as you may or may not know, is brand known mostly for selling sneakers. provides 496 different kinds of ready-made sneakers for men, women and kids, in addition to some clothing, sunglasses, miscellaneous accessories & gift cards (all available under the “Buy” tab at the top of their webpage). But now it also allows customers to design their own sneakers as well.

Customers simply click on the “Make” tab at the top of the page, then click on “Start An Original”. Customizable shoes are available in kids’, women’s and men’s sizes. There are 32 different types of shoes– Chuck Taylor All Stars (pictured), Jack Purcell, Skate, Converse (PRODUCT) RED, Running and Court– all available in four different styles– Lo-Top, Hi-Top, X-Hi, and Slip-On– and all available in either suede, canvas, or leather. The customer can choose from several different colors or prints for 10 different parts of the shoe– the outside body, the inside body, heel stripe, tongue, lining, rubber sidewall, racing stripe, stitch, lace, and a personalization id (it can be your name for the shoe, your name, anything really).

In addition to all of the above, there is another tab at the top of the webpage titled “Play”, which includes four sections. The first section is titled “Talk”, which is where writers blog about various topics and life in general. The “Show” section includes written interviews about some female artist who’ve helped work on Converse designs (part of a special ongoing series), as well as short videos about music, art, and a few weird topics. “Tune” features a few playlists that span several different subgenres within the rock music genre. Finally, the “Nice” section is full of links to several sports, art and music sites, as well as links to Converse websites around the globe.

Also, there is currently a section titled Holiday FAQs, which includes information on orders, pricing and time expected for shipping and more, returns, gift cards, size info, store locator, special offers, info about Converse (careers/job available, press releases and fact sheets), terms & conditions, privacy policy, an RSS feed, and a “Contact Us” section.

PhotobucketTheir range of apparel and accessories are not much different from Neighborhoodies and Spreadshirt. However, they do offer some items that none of the other stores listed here have (at least not yet), which include throw pillows, clocks, flip video cameras/camcorders, keepsake boxes, tile coasters, framed picture tiles, framed prints, journals, teddy bears, and ornaments. Add all that to the greeting cards, postcards (like the one seen here), stickers, mugs, mousepads and posters they have available (among a few other things not mentioned here), and you have a lot of choices when it comes to designing.

Again, here you also have the option not just to buy what you design, but to sell it in your own store. They do have a Product Templates Page with templates available to download for each and every product. But here you are not given text or graphics to work with. They expect you to have a design/image ready to upload from your computer. If you have problems uploading an image or simply want to know how to do it to begin with, you can read their Image Upload FAQ, as well as visit their Image Workshop.

I’ve heard from various CafePress sellers on the SquidU forum that CafePress has made some pricing changes in addition to selling members/sellers products in the main CafePress marketplace at a marked down price. These changes have made it that much harder for members/sellers to sell products and see profit. I’m not on the site very much and not that familiar with it because I don’t sell anything on this site, and I’ve only bought a few things here. So if you are a seller who has had issues with CafePress, leave a comment in the Guestbook and let everyone know what those issues are. You can also read some of the comments left on the Cazacreations blog by current and former CafePress members about the policy & sales changes.

Finally, we have For those of you not familiar with Zazzle, they sell the following: postage stamps, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, aprons, t-shirts, necklaces, bags, bumper stickers, stickers, button, hats, key chains, coasters, magnets, mousepads, bookmarks/business cards (they can be made into one or the other), posters, calendars and even skateboards. Because therr are literally billions of products to sift through, not only does each product have a series of categories, but those categories have subcategories with their own subcategories. (I could explain it, but it would take a while- best to just search the site to see for yourself.) Customers are provided with various font and color options for text, but customers must upload their designs, as Zazzle does not provide the designs (aside from pre-made products with designs already placed on them). They also allow customers to view every single product as they are designing it, as well as the option to sell their products in an online store.

There’s several differences here. First, a user can have more than one store/account (and link them together if they wish). Second, there are several incentive programs to give sellers incentive to sell more products and reward them for their efforts.

There’s the Zazzle Volume Bonus Program, which allows for sellers to receive bonuses based on their monthly sales.

There’s also Zazzle Associate Referral Program, where Zazzle pays the seller a percent referral fee for each sale that they refer to Zazzle from their site, blog, email, or any offline marketing. Sellers can refer a sale to their own products or others. The percentage referral fee increases based on monthly sales.

Then there is the Name Your Royalty Program. When selling products on Zazzle, the initial percentage a seller makes is 10 percent. But with the Name Your Royalty Program (which every seller automatically has access to), the seller can set their royalty higher than 10 percent in order to increase their profits. The downside to this is that they will increase the product price to pay you the royalty you want. So sellers have to be careful about where they set their royalty, as they may price themselves right out of the market for their products.

Sellers are given promotion tools and tips to further their sales, and can also ask questions or give suggestions on the Zazzle Forum.

Other things to note: Zazzle also uses other forms of online media to get the word out about their site– Zazzle BlogTwitterFacebookFlickr, and the Zazzle University Channel on YouTube.

Funky, Wild, Punk and Kitsch Kitchen Decor, Kitchenware & Dishware

November 14, 2013

Making Cooking, Baking & Eating MORE Fun…

If you’re like me, you like a lot of color & quirk/kitsch in your life. Well guess what? There’s no reason not to have that with your kitchenware, as this webpage will prove to you. While some items are just for decoration, other items might even help you be more creative with your cooking and baking. And you can mix and match the dishware as you like for unique dining sets. So, if this sounds like it’s up your alley, scroll down to begin browsing!

Kitschy Kitchenware on Amazon

Play with your food…

Remember how your parents told you not to play with your food? Well, now that you’re an adult, you can do whatever you want to with your food. Below are some kitchen items in the shape of other things and/or oddly-designed kitchen items that will help you do that. Mealtimes can now become playtime with your food… in a semi-adult manner, of course. 😉

List of Kitschy Kitchenware on Amazon

Fun Ice Trays on Amazon

And now, play with your drinks, too…

Why stick with regular ice when you can have ice in the shape of ships, skulls, castles, functional straws and more? These ice trays will give you unusual ice shapes that can make a plain drink of water or juice a lot more interesting. Again, check out the list, and then browse through the fun ice trays below…

List of Fun Ice Trays on Amazon

Punk Mugs From SourPuss, eBay & Elsewhere

Click on the photo to view more details about each mug and/or buy it.

Punk White Brass Knuckles Coffee MugClear Glass Skull Stein Mug CupBlack Death Skull Coffee mug cup

First off is a 4-inch tall White Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug, priced at $15 each. Apparently, these mugs are so “dangerous”, the webpage previously had this note on it: “Just as a side note, we have had some of these mugs confiscated when shipping internationally.” If you live in the U.S., you’ll be fine ordering this mug. Elsewhere could still be a problem.
Next is the clear, 5-inch tall Glass Skull Stein Mug, priced at $10 each. This is not your mom’s glassware. (P.S. You can find these on eBay as well.)
Lastly is the 4-inch tall Black Death Skull Coffee Mug. It’s no longer available on the SourPuss website, but several similar versions of these are available on eBay. (Goes nicely with any black dishware [particularly Waechtersbach dishware] you might have.)

CafePress Mugs & Glasses

They aren’t oddly shaped like the mugs above, but the design they feature are just as playful. Take your pick from the mugs and glasses featured below…

Skull n Bones Mug on CafePressSkull n Bones Stein Mug on CafePress

Skull Face Pint Glass on CafePressSkull Face Shot Glass on CafePress

Safety Pinned Kiss Pint Glass on CafePressSafety Pinned Kiss Shot Glass on CafePress

UNION JACK UK BRITISH FLAG Shot Glass on CafePressUNION JACK UK BRITISH FLAG Drinking Glass on CafePress


Zazzle Mugs

Maybe even more playful than the mugs above…

NOTE: There are 7 different types of mugs available for each of these designs. Only some of the styles & sizes are featured below. Click through to view ALL the styles, sizes & colors available.

Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font classic white 11 oz Mug Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font two-tone Mug Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Stein Mug

Dirty Girly Mug - Pink Skull on white on Zazzle Dirty Girly Mug - Pink Skull on white Stein on Zazzle

Pink Punk Polka Dot Mug on Zazzle Pink Punk Polka Dot Mug #1 on Zazzle Pink Punk Polka Dot Mug #1 on Zazzle frosted glass

Pink Stars on Black - Mug on Zazzle Pink Stars on Black - Mug on Zazzle

Black Stars on Pink - Mug on Zazzle Black Stars on Pink - Mug on Zazzle

Plain Pink Leopard Print Frosted Glass Zazzle Mug Plain Pink Leopard Print Mug Plain Pink Leopard Print Mug - Stein

Cherry Bomb! Mug Cherry Bomb! Frosted Glass Mug Cherry Bomb! Frosted Glass Mug

Red Cherries Stein Mug Red Cherries Frosted Glass Mug

vintage style red and black stripe gothic skull with union jack coffee mug vintage style gothic skull with union jack coffee mug vintage style gothic skull with union jack coffee mug

Cherry Rocker - White Mug Cherry Rocker - White Mug #2

Red Plaid Mug - Classic White Mug, 15 oz Red Plaid Tartan Rock Mug Red Plaid Tartan Rock frosted glass Mug

More Mugs on Zazzle (Jumbo Mugs, Espresso Mugs & Bone China Mugs)

These mugs are different from the ones above. The Jumbo Mugs are 20 oz and the Espresso Mugs 6 oz. The Bone China Mugs’ size are unknown.

UNITED KINGDOM British Flag Union Jack EXTRA LARGE MUGS on Zazzle Plain Red Plaid Tartan Specialty Mug Jumbo Mugs on Zazzle Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Specialty Mug Extra Large

punk Red skull extra large mugs on Zazzle vintage punk style gothic skull with union jack jumbo mugs on Zazzle punk Black skull extra large mugs on Zazzle

Grungy pink and yellow tones punk skulls jumbo mugs on Zazzle Grungy blue tones punk skulls jumbo mug on Zazzle

Pink Zebra Animal Print Jumbo Mug on Zazzle Blue/Indigo Zebra Animal Print Specialty Mug on Zazzle

Pink Zebra Animal Print Stripes Jumbo Mugs on Zazzle Hot Pink Leopard Animal Print Jumbo Mug on Zazzle

Zazzle Drink Coasters

There are two types of coasters available; the Sandstone Drink Coaster (round) & the Hard Plastic coasters (square). Both have cork backings.

Mod Zebra Print Beverage Coaster on Zazzle Mod Firey Zebra Print Beverage Coasters on Zazzle

Pink leopard skin print punk skull beverage coaster on Zazzle Hot Pink Leopard Print Cork Coaster (Square) on Zazzle Blue/Indigo Zebra Print Cork Coaster (Square) on Zazzle

Pink leopard skin print punk skull coasters on Zazzle Plain Pink Leopard Print Coaster on Zazzle Scene Style Blue/Indigo Zebra Print Coaster on Zazzle

vintage style gothic skull with union jack coasters on Zazzle vintage style gothic skull with union jack British flag drink coaster on Zazzle

Red Plaid Tartan Cork Coaster (Square) on Zazzle Plain Red Plaid Coaster on Zazzle

Customizable Punk Drip Font Coaster Black and White Punk Drip drippy Font Coaster

Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Cork Coaster Black Punk Drip Font Cork Coaster Customizable Punk Pink Drip Font Cork Coaster

CafePress Drink Coasters

British flag Union Jack Tile Coaster on CafePresspunk black and white Skull Mohawk Tile Coaster on CafePressBritish flag Union Jack Tile Coaster on CafePress

Funky Disco Ball Color Tile Coaster on CafePressSkull of the Undead Tile Coaster on CafePressDISCO BALL Silver Tile Coaster on CafePress

Zazzle Plates

These 10-inch diameter melamine plates are non-toxic, drop & break resistant and dishwasher safe. NOT microwave safe, though.

UNITED KINGDOM Union Jack British Flag PARTY PLATE vintage style gothic skull with union jack British flag dinner plates on Zazzle Red Plaid Tartan Plate on Zazzle

Dirty Girly Pink Skull on White Plate on Zazzle Cherry Bomb! red pink Custom Plate on Zazzle

Black and White Punk Drip drippy Font Plate Customizable Punk Pink Drip drippy Font Plate Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Plate

Bride of Frankenstein Skull Plate Gothic punk sweet kitty on hot pink party plate

Pink leopard skin print punk skull party plates on Zazzle Plain Pink Leopard Print Plate on Zazzle

Indigo/Blue Zebra Print Plate on Zazzle PixDezines pink zebra print|DIY color Party Plate on Zazzle

Orange Mod Tiger Zebra Print Party Plate on Zazzle Red-Orange Yellow Mod Fiery Zebra Print Dinner Plate on Zazzle Red-Orange Yellow Mod Fiery Leopard Party Plates on Zazzle

Some of MY Funky Dishware….

Black Waechtersbach Skull Bowl Mug and Leopard Print Hot Pink Melamine Plate Black Waechtersbach Skull Bowl Mug Leopard Print Hot Pink Melamine Plate dishware 2

This is dishware I found by complete accident. The Waechterbach black skull mug and bowl I first saw on eBay while searching for other dishware, and they were much more expensive on eBay than what I paid for them. I saw them again in a local grocery/retail store, and they were about half the price of (or less than) what they were online. So I bought them in groups, getting 2 or 3 of each at a time, and asked for more as a gift for Christmas 2012. I now own 10 mugs and 10 bowls. There are plates that go with these as well, but I’ve only seen them online and they’re much pricier. However, I am considering buying the matching black skull tea cups I saw online. But I’ll have to save up for those, as they’d be coming from Singapore.

The hot pink leopard print plate was even more affordable. I bought 10 of these plates at $3 each (originally $6 each) from, which happens to sell kitchenware and home decor in addition to clothing. I knew they’d sell out (which they did), and I knew I wanted a set of them, so I just bought what I wanted. The plates are made of melamine, so they can’t be microwaved unfortunately. But aside from that, I can still use the plates otherwise.

Zazzle Placemats

These placemats are made from 100% woven cotton. They measure 20 inches by 14 inches.

Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font PlacematCustomizable Black Punk Drip Font Placemat (PUNK logo can be resized)

Punk Pink Leopard Print Place Mats on Zazzle Pink leopard skin print punk skull place mat on Zazzle Hot Pink Leopard Print Placemat on Zazzle

Blue/Indigo Zebra Print Placemat on Zazzle Mod Fiery Zebra Print Place Mat on Zazzle Mod Zebra Print Place Mat on Zazzle

Red Plaid Tartan Placemat on Zazzle Union Jack British Flag Gothic Skull on red black stripes Placemats on Zazzle

Zazzle Napkins

These napkins come in sets of 4 in two sizes; Dinner size (20″ by 20″) and Cocktail size (12″ by 12″)

Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Napkin Black Punk Drip drippy Font Napkin

Red Plaid Tartan Napkins on Zazzle Red Plaid Tartan 'Rock' Napkin on Zazzle Union Jack Gothic Skull on red black stripes Cloth Napkins on Zazzle

Punk Pink Leopard Print Cloth Napkin on Zazzle Pink leopard skin print punk skull napkins on Zazzle Hot Pink Leopard Animal Print Napkin- Smaller Print

Mod Fiery Zebra Cloth Napkins (Orange & Yellow) on Zazzle Mod Tiger Zebra Print Orange Cloth Napkins on Zazzle Pink Mod Zebra Print Napkin on Zazzle

Blue/Indigo Zebra Print Napkins on Zazzle Mod Zebra Print Napkins on Zazzle

Zazzle Pitchers

19 oz. porcelain pitchers to complement your current (or soon-to-be) funky dishware…

Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Pitcher Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Pitcher Black Punk Drip drippy Font Pitcher

Zebra Print Pattern in Black and Pink Drink Pitche on Zazzler Hot Pink Zebra Stripes Drink Pitcher on Zazzle Hot Pink Pigtails Skull Pitcher on Zazzle

Plain Hot Pink Leopard Print Pitcher on Zazzle Indigo/Blue Zebra Print Pitcher on Zazzle Red Plaid Tartan Pitcher on Zazzle

Rainbow gradient 'v1' pitcher on Zazzle Rainbow Stripes Porcelain Pitcher on Zazzle Rainbow Polka Dots Black Beverage Pitcher on Zazzle

Zazzle Teapots

Never thought you could have teapots like THIS, did you? They come in two sizes; small (11 oz.) & medium (44 oz.).

Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Teapot Black Punk Drip drippy Font Teapot

Zebra Print teapot Pattern in Black and Pink on Zazzle Hot Pink Zebra Print Stripes teapot on Zazzle Pink Skull Pigtails 'Dirty Girly' Teapot on Zazzle

Hot Pink Leopard Print Teapot on Zazzle Blue/Indigo Zebra Print Teapot on Zazzle Plain Red Plaid Tartan Teapot on Zazzle

Rainbow gradient teapot on Zazzle Rainbow Stripes Teapot on Zazzle Rainbow Polka Dots Black teapot on Zazzle

Skull-Shaped Sugar Cubes

Buy some or make your own…

I came across these skull-shaped sugar cubes one day when someone posted them on a blog I follow. I did a little more digging and found someone on Etsy who is selling them. However, I use vegan sugar, and was hoping to make my own one way or another. Someone else was thinking the same thing, and they did a blog post about how to make your own skull sugar cubes. So click that link to get started, or just buy the skull sugar cubes here on Etsy

Zazzle Candy Jars

10 oz. porcelain candy jars to fashionably store all your candy (or sugar skull cubes) in!

Zebra Print Pattern in Black and Pink Candy Jar on Zazzle  Hot Pink Zebra Stripes Candy Jar on Zazzle Hot Pink Pigtails Skull 'Dirty Girly' Candy Jar on Zazzle

Plain Hot Pink Leopard Print Candy Jar on Zazzle Indigo/Blue Zebra Print Candy Jar on Zazzle Red Plaid Tartan Candy Jar on Zazzle

Rainbow Polka Dots Black Candy Jar on Zazzle

Zazzle Aprons

The aprons come in 3 sizes (standard, long & kids) and 3 colors for each size (white, khaki & yellow).

Cherry Rocker - Black Text w/Red Border Apron on Zazzle White Lipstick Aprons on Zazzle I LOVE PUNK ROCK guys girls punk music Apron on Zazzle

punks not dead union jack british flag apron on Zazzle Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Apron British Flag Union Jack Punk Skull Apron on Zazzle

Red Skull on White Apron on Zazzle Pink Skull on White Apron on Zazzle Radioactive Atomic Apron on Zazzle

CafePress Aprons

Skull Face Apron on CafePressSkull of the Undead Apron on CafePressSkull n Bones BBQ Apron on CafePress

British Flag Punk Grunge Apron on CafePressCherry BBQ Apron on CafePressUK Union Jack Apron on CafePress

Zazzle Dishcloths/Kitchen Towels

These durable, 100% twill cotton kitchen towels/dishcloths measure 16″ by 24″.

Pink leopard skin print punk skull kitchen towels on Zazzle Punk Pink Leopard Print Towel on Zazzle Hot Pink Leopard Animal Print Towel

Mod Fiery Red-Orange and Yellow Zebra Kitchen Towels on Zazzle Blue/Indigo Zebra Animal Print Towel Dishcloth dish cloth

Union Jack British Flag Gothic Skull on red black stripes Towel on Zazzle punk Red Plaid Tartan Kitchen Towel Dishcloth dish cloth Two Red Cherries on a Black Kitchen Towel on Zazzle

Customizable Punk Drip drippy Font Kitchen TowelBlack Punk Drip drippy Font Kitchen Towel

Zazzle Clocks

Available below for your kitchen: animal print clocks, drip font “PUNK” clocks, skull clocks, a rainbow clock and a Union Jack/British Flag clock.

NOTE: ALL the clocks come in 3 sizes & 2 shapes; Small Round, Large Round & Square. The ones below are shown here in Large Round or Square, but are available as both (as well as Small Round).

Clock, zebra pattern on Zazzle Pink leopard skin print punk skull wall clock on Zazzle Hot Pink Leopard Print Wall Clock on Zazzle

Blue/Indigo Zebra Print Wall Clock on Zazzle Dirty Girly Wall Clock on Zazzle

Rainbow Burst Round Clocks on Zazzle Customizable Punk Drip Font Clock UNITED KINGDOM British Flag Union Jack WALL CLOCK on Zazzle

Customizable PUNK Pink text Drip drippy Font Clock Black w/Pink Punk Drip drippy Font Clock

CafePress Clocks

More clock options for your kitchen…

NOTE: Clocks run on 1 AA battery, which will actually be included with your clock purchase. Click on a clock image for more info…

Gifts for Artists Modern rainbow Wall Clock on CafePressrainbow Color Wheel Wall Clock on CafePressyellow Smiley Face Wall Clock on CafePress

Hot Pink Zebra animal Print Wall Clock on CafePressUnion jack British Flag Wall Clock on CafePressSkull Face Large Wall Clock on CafePress

Home Decor & Accessories (AND Interior Design) Website Links

Here are links to ALL of the websites I used on this lens (and thensome). So, if you’re looking for something and didn’t find it on this webpage, you can find it (or design it yourself) through one of the links below…

    • – Home & Pets (Type in exactly what you want into the search bar at the top right [i.e., “kitsch teapots” or “kawaii plates”]; NOTE: You can also design your own home and kitchen decor & accessories here if you don’t find what you’re looking for. You can also sell those items [some of my own designs are featured on products above])
    • CafePress (Check out the “Drinkware”, “Wall Art” “Home” & “Photo” tabs at the top of the page; NOTE: This is another website that will allow you to design [and sell] your own home and kitchen decor & accessories)
    • (I did not add many items from eBay because the eBay modules are faulty, but anything you can think of for your home and/or kitchen will likely be here, including furniture)
    • (although I featured more items from this website than I did eBay, pretty much the same theory, but with slightly less variety in items; also sells furniture)
    • (features a lot of kitsch, indie and punk home decor & accessories, either vintage or handmade; use their search bar to find what you want specifically)
    • (check out the “For the Home” and “Fine Art” tabs at the top; features indie, kitsch and kawaii items & art)
    • (also features a lot of retro & kitsch home decor & accessories)
    • (features unusual but very functional home decor & accessories; check out the “Living”, “Dining”, “Workspace” and “Prints” tabs at the top)
    • F*** – if I linked to this on Squidoo, it would reject the link because of the f-word being in it. But you can copy and paste that into your browser with the word adjustment and the blog will come up. Put in “/archive” behind it to view and sift through ALL of their blog posts on a single page.
    • (Seriously– it’s your best friend when looking for specific items or interior design ideas for your home. It’s how I found several of the websites above. Tip: Type in a specific items you want, then click on the “Images” link on the side to browse those items and see what catches your eye)

Beach Posters & Prints

June 1, 2013

Bermuda Pic from 2008

Beach Posters & Prints to Brighten Your Mood (or Someone Else’s)
I originally had this content on Squidoo, but Squidoo made a series of annoying changes and decided that this content was not sufficient enough for them. So I’ve moved it here to WordPress. Anyways…

I LOVE beaches. Coastal beaches, preferably. But I live in Ohio, where there are only sucky man-made beaches or beaches on Lake Erie that freeze over during the winter. They aren’t year-round beaches.

And my favorite beaches I’ve been to are in places like Florida or Bermuda. I can’t visit them as often as I’d like to.

So I have a few beach posters in my room to look at… and imagine that I’m there. One day I’ll live near a beach or on a beach. But for now, these posters will have to do.

If you’re also looking for beach posters & prints for your home, workspace, or as a gift for a friend, then this webpage should be a big help. There’s plenty of beach posters to check out here, and new posters will be added every so often.

Bermuda intro photo is my own. Please ask permission before using.

NOTE: Mouse Over and Click on the Posters – Mouse over the posters/photos for a title or short description of the photo (if the title/description isn’t already underneath the photo). Click on the posters/photos (or links below them) to view prices & or buy.

Beach Posters and Prints from Zazzle
NOTE: Zazzle will also allow you to take your own beachy vacation photos & make your own posters/prints (to buy and/or sell). Something to keep in mind…

Beach Sunrise 1 print poster
Sunrise 1 by on2raj_org
View more Beach Posters

Island of Tahaa, French Polynesia print poster sea ocean
Island of Tahaa, French Polynesia by naturetees
Browse more Nature Posters

Beautiful Beach print poster
Beautiful Beach by photonature
Browse more Beach Posters

Hawaiian Seascape Poster print
Hawaiian Seascape Poster by smileyfacecat
Large format printing from zazzle

Ali'i Beach 19 print poster
Ali’i Beach 19 by panterasuno2
Poster printing from zazzle

Florida palm trees print poster beach
Florida palm trees print by ronnie44052
View other Palm Posters

Tropical Beach Print poster
Tropical Beach Print by hsonkin
Large format poster printing by zazzle

Beach Scene print poster
Beach Scene by photonature
More Beach Posters

Tropical Beach print / poster
Tropical Beach by hilory10028
Browse more Beach Posters

Horizontal Posters from
If you prefer the horizontal posters, there’s probably one here that you’ll like. 😉

Sunset over Indian Ocean Viewed from Beach of Cocos Islands poster print

Buy at

Miami Beach, South Beach Atlantic Shore poster print

Buy at

Beach Beckoning Through Open Window

Buy at

Bahamian Shoreline beach poster print

Buy at

poster / print of Beach Chair, Bora Bora Nui Resort, Motu Toopua

Buy at

poster / print of Boat Moored off Beach,Quitana Roo, Mexico

Buy at

poster / print of Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands beach

Buy at

Tropical Paradise beach poster print

Buy at

poster / print of Intercontinental Moana Beach Bora Bora Bungalows

Buy at

poster / print of People Swimming in Lagoon, French Polynesia

Buy at

Muli (Mouly) Beach, Muli, New Caledonia

Buy at

Tropical Beach Veymandhoo, Thaa, Maldives

Buy at

Tropical Beach, Sunset

Buy at

Hawaiian Sunset

Buy at

Sunset Lovers

Buy at

Vertical Beach Posters and Prints – From
TIP: You can use vertical posters on your bedroom door or any door in your home. Just compare the width of the door to the poster to make sure the poster isn’t too wide for your door.

poster / print of Chairs and Umbrella at Jumeirah Beach, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Buy at

Starfish beach poster print

Starfish Art Print

Buy at

poster / print of The Golden Sand on Haena Beach, Haena, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Buy at

poster / print of Palm Trees on Island Beach, Panama

Buy at

poster / print of Pearl Beach Resort, Tikehau, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia Islands

Buy at

poster / print of Kona State Beach, Island of Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii, USA

Buy at

poster / print of Arashi Beach, Aruba, West Indies, Dutch Caribbean, Central America

Buy at

poster / print of Hammock on Beach at Sunset, Fiji

Buy at

Hammock on Beach, Fiji

Buy at

Sunset Palm Tree beach poster print

Buy at

Panoramic Beach Posters and Prints – From
Posters with a panoramic view (which, I think, make it easier to imagine that you are there)…

poster / print of Beach, Ocean, Water, Parasol and Chairs, Maldives

Buy at

poster / print of Waves on the Beach, Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla

Buy at

poster / print of Beach Scene, Nassau, Bahamas

Buy at

poster / print of Waves Crashing on the Beach, Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Buy at

black and white poster / print of Empty Beach, Cayman Islands

Buy at

Beach Posters & Prints on Amazon
Amazon probably has as wide a selection of beach posters & prints as eBay. I’ve included some of them here…

Jac Vanek Product Haul Video

March 8, 2013

Just a video featuring all the Jac Vanek products I’ve bought so far.

NOTE: This video is not sponsored.

Jac Vanek’s webstore-
Jac Vanek Webpage on Squidoo-


And again, if you’d like to learn more about any of my other Cherry Ambition blogs and websites, you can start here:

Funky Home Decor (& Kitchenware) Haul Video

February 18, 2013

I wanted to do a video featuring my fave home decor and kitchenware accent items. If you like animal print, skull, smiley face or cherry print, you should watch this (unsponsored) video. 😉 Then check out the links below…

Funky, Wild, Punk and Kitsch Home Decor & Kitchenware webpage (you could pretty much furnish your room/home with all the links on this webpage)

Quotable Cards Store

SourPussClothing website (has clothing & accessories in addition to home decor & kitchenware)


Black Skull dishware can be found at the following links (in addition to eBay):


And again, if you’d like to learn more about any of my other Cherry Ambition blogs and websites, you can start here:

How to Put In A Fake, Spring-Back Nose Hoop (& Where to Find & Buy Them)

February 15, 2013

For anyone who wants a nose hoop but can’t get a piercing (or just doesn’t want the risks & responsibilities of a real piercing). Excuse my lack of eye makeup…

You can find the fake nose hoops I bought here and here.

If you’d like to learn more about any of my other Cherry Ambition blogs and websites, you can start here:

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